The following terms and conditions (“Order Terms”) apply to all orders from SuperScalar official website. These Order Terms are an integral part of all agreements, between the customers (“Customer”) also referred to as “you” and SuperScalar also referred to as “us/we”. Insurance Terms and After-Sales Terms referred in the flowing clause is an integral part of this Order Terms and shall have equal force and effect as this Order Terms. Reading and accepting these Order Terms is a prerequisite for your successful order placement.

We would like to inform you that for 2 orders placed and not paid consecutively within our platform, your account will be automatically restricted due to non-payment of 2 orders according to our company’s policies.
Please make sure that you have enough funds in your wallet and that you do not place 2 consecutive orders and do not pay them, otherwise, the sanction of restriction will be imposed on your account.

I. Order placement

 Additionally, the following are important points to note when placing an order:

  • Except for overpayment and products sold out, we shall not offer refunds for orders that have been paid for (even if they have not been accepted).
  • Once an order is processed to “Pending payment” status, the shipping address cannot be changed.
  • If you have any specified requirement on logistics company or customs declaration value, you shall leave a message in the order.
  • For orders with multiple products purchased, as they may be shipped from different warehouses, you shall receive multiple tracking numbers.
  • We shall entrust third-party logistics companies to provide shipping services for your order. The shipping information you provide in the order (postal code, detailed address, phone, email, shipping agent) shall be directly sent to logistics companies. SuperScalar shall not verify the accuracy of the shipping information provided and shall not assume any risks during transportation. Therefore, you need to accurately fill out the shipping information in the order.
  • For any issues related to the order, we will contact you through email or phone. Therefore, you need to accurately fill out the contact information provided in the order.
  • You may refer to the “Reference for order status” in this term to know about order status.

Ⅱ. Order acceptance

All orders shall be effective only upon our acceptance. Upon receipt of an email with the subject line “[SuperScalar miner]: New order #*****”, it is the notification that your order has been accepted and become effective.

We reserve the right to cancel your order at any time before we have accepted it. We may cancel your order in the following situations:

  • Your payment is incomplete. And you fail to complete the replenishment within 7 working days.
  • Your purchase quantity exceeds the purchase limit.

You purchased an invalid product. (E.g. payment for a mock link)


Ⅲ. Price and Quantity

The product prices may fluctuate from time to time, and the order amount shall be based on the product price at the time of placing the order. We shall not offer price guarantee for any order, and shall not be liable for any price differences or loss caused by adjustments in product prices.

Our products price is excluded from all value added taxes and customs duties. You shall be solely responsible for paying any outstanding taxes and duties as per your country’s law and customs. If you encounter any problems during customs clearance, you can submit a Support Ticket and our staff will assist you to resolve the issues.

Quantity shall be based on the order quantity accepted by SuperScalar, which can be found in Processing orders or acceptance notification emails. We shall send you exactly what you ordered and shall not be obliged to supply any other products which are not included in the accepted order.


Ⅳ. Shipment

We shall entrust third-party logistics companies, such as DHL and FedEx, to provide shipping services for your order with free charge. We shall not assume any risks during transportation and are not responsible for the transportation problems caused by the following situations:

  • Shipment delays due to queuing issues in the logistics warehouse.
  • The product was lost during transportation.

We will notify you of any shipping issues via [email protected].

Shipping date

  • Shipment shall only be arranged after the order is fully paid and accepted.
  • The estimated shipping date will be displayed on product ordering page and will be periodically updated. The exact shipping date would be notified to you by email after your order enters Processing status.
  • It shall take you 5-7 business days to receive the package after you get the tracking number (except for some countries with difficult customs clearance

The following situations could cause return:

  • You didn’t pay the tariff in time.
  • The shipping address is incorrect.
  • The local logistics company failed to contact you.

We could re-ship your order upon your request, but any additional charges (“Return Expense”) shall be borne by you, and SuperScalar shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by you as a result.


Ⅴ. Insurance

If you purchased insurance plan in your order, we shall entrust a third-party to provide the commercial insurance for you. The claim process and final compensation interpretation right belong to the third-party insurance company.


Ⅵ. Warranty

We provide a 180-day warranty period for all products starting from shipping date. Please check After-Sales Terms for details


Ⅶ. Refund

We only offer refunds for the following cases:

  • Duplicate payments made for the same order or payment amount exceeds the order amount required. As SuperScalar shall not recognize overpayments automatically, you could proactively raise a Support Ticket to contact us for a refund, providing the information of order number; payment voucher; and Coinbase reference code.
  • For Failed and Cancelled orders, it is confirmed that the purchased product is out of stock during further operation.

The refund process usually takes around 10-14 business days to complete. Any transaction fees or handling fees involved in the refund process shall be borne by customer and shall be deducted from the refunded amount. Handling fees include but limited to transaction fees of 1% from Coinbase and gas fee of $25 for DAI, USDC, and ETH on the Ethereum chain.


Ⅷ. Disclaimer

Under no circumstance, shall we make any form of guarantee or any compensation for the loss of mining earnings.

We shall not be liable for any delay in shipment or cancellation of orders caused by further operation of Cancelled and Failed orders.

We do not make any form of guarantee for repairing the Product successful, which depends on the extent of damage to the Product.


Ⅸ. Others

  1. Force Majeure
    SuperScalar is exempted from fulfilling its obligations under this Term without any liability, in the event of force majeure including but not limited to strikes, floods and fires, wars, riots, interruptions in transport, shortage of material or energy sources or pandemic affecting SuperScalar or its suppliers, governmental decisions which affects manufacturing or use of the products.
  1. Privacy
    By placing your purchase order, submitting a Support Ticket or otherwise contacting us, you agree that we shall collect, store, process, use and disclose data collected from your communications for the purposes of processing and fulfilling your request; and your data shall be handled in accordance with data privacy policies.
  1. Governing Law
    These Order Terms shall be governed by Singapore law.

Ⅹ. Reference for order status

  1. Pending payment
    It represents checkout completed and waiting for payment. The customer is required to complete the payment within 1 hour, otherwise the order shall be automatically cancelled.
  2. Blochchain pending
    Orders shall enter into Blockchain pending status upon your completion on payment. SuperScalar is waiting to receive your payment at this stage.
  3. Processing
    It indicates that SuperScalar has received full payment and accepted your order, and is preparing to ship. Upon entering this status, you will receive an email with the subject line “[SuperScalar miner]: New order #*****”.
  4. Cancelled
    If you fail to complete the payment for a Pending payment order within 1 hour, your order shall be automatically cancelled. Even if you complete the payment after the cancellation, the status shall not automatically change. For any cancelled order, you shall submit a Support Ticket to reach us for further operation, providing the information of your payment voucher, Coinbase reference code, and transaction link. Refer to “On hold” instructions for more information on further operation.
  5. Failed
    This status represents a failure in order acceptance and may be caused by the following reasons:
    • SuperScalar received a payment amount less than the order amount, i.e., underpayment;
    • For orders in Blockchain pending status, SuperScalar did not receive payment within 1 hour due to delayed receipt of payment on specific transaction chains.
      For any Failed orders, you shall also submit a Support Ticket to reach us for further operation. Refer to “On hold” instructions for more information on further operation.
  6. On hold
    When we receive a Support Ticket for Failed or Cancelled orders, we shall first check stock status of the products you ordered. If the product is out of stock, we shall cancel the order and arrange for refund.
    If the product is still in stock, we shall operate as follows,
    • For delayed payments, we will confirm the payment status of the order again.
    • For insufficient payment, we will provide a replenishment link via email for you to make additional payment. Please note that all replenishment links shall only be sent to you via [email protected]. and don’t trust any payment links from other email address. We shall not compensate for any losses caused by mistakenly trusting other payment links.

Following the above operation, once we confirm full payment, your order will be put in On hold status and wait for shipment. When we start shipping, the order status will change to Processing.