The mission of SuperScalar is to provide the most efficient crypto computing acceleration solutions and facilitate the paradigm shift in the blockchain industry.

The founding team of SuperScalar comprises successful entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, with expertise in CPU, GPU, and NPU design. Additionally, the team possesses a deep understanding and application experience in cryptography, including emerging Zero Knowledge Proof technology.

The team is dedicated to exploring and discovering innovative technologies to solve the highly challenging problems in the blockchain industry.

Global Business Layout

SuperScalar cooperates with numerous selected mines in places like Canada, the United States, and Kazakhstan.
We have a comprehensive rating system that includes site compliance, power stability, quality assurance, the scale of the mining farm, and the fund guarantee to ensure the compliance and stability of the hashrate.
In addition, the platform sends operation & maintenance teams to the mining farms and monitors the mining situation.

Our remarkable innovation capabilities have been proven in the fields such as high-performance computing, high-bandwidth memory, AI cloud computing, and low-power IoT.