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Say Hello To our New Supported Algorithm: PYRIN

What is PYRIN?

PYRIN introduces a groundbreaking fair-launched GhostDAG implementation, aiming to establish a decentralized, high-throughput, low-latency transaction network. This innovative cryptocurrency incorporates built-in smart contracts, secured by a resource-managing proof-of-work revolution. PYRIN operates on a blockDAG-based framework, embodying the principles of decentralization in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Increased mining decentralization is achieved through Kaspa’s BlockDAG architecture, featuring rapid block rates that facilitate effective solo mining even at lower hash rates. PYRIN, fair-launched in November 2023 without any pre-mine or sales, stands as a fully decentralized, open-source, community-managed project. The maximum supply of PYRIN is capped at 1 billion coins, and its issuance schedule involves an annual halving by a factor of (1/2)^(1/12) through gradual monthly reductions. After a six-month period, the first reward reduction to 14 $PYI will take place in May 2024.

Revolutionizing blockchain technology: introducing ghostDAG

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